Five Floods of the Bible

Five Floods of the Bible


     According to Bible History, there has been only one Universal Flood of water. This however, has not be the only universal flood. The following verses are designed to tell about the 5 floods of the Bible.


The Flood of Sin

Beyond a flood of tears and blood

There was a garden fair.

None could be found to till the ground

So God placed Adam there.

The Master’s voice proclaimed a choice

But Adam turned aside.

A flood began with every man,

A victim of its tide.


The Flood of Water

To strive with men to cease from sin

God’s Sprit did refrain.

Instead, a shroud of thickest cloud

Did bring abundant rain.

Such awful rain made one again

The fountain of the deep.

With mighty roar that covered o’er

The highest mountain peak.


The Flood of Love

Our God above send down His love

With power and such might.

We cannot know its length of flow,

Its breadth, its depths nor height.

There’s not one soul from pole to pole

Who can escape this flood.

The blackest sin of yielding men

Cannot resist His blood.


The Flood of the Gospel

Such love thus shown will not be known

Unless the world is told.

A flood will flow when people go

And preach it plain and bold.

Oh, let it flow to regions low

And to the highest place.

Let every race obey the faith

And reach His saving grace.


The Flood of God’s Wrath

A voice on high will split the sky

While earth and heaven heaves.

Great building tall will quake and fall

Like late November leaves.

The throngs of men who died in sin,

A hiding place will seek.

For wasting trust on things that rust

And meal with fervent heat.

--Jurt Brantley