Eight Reasons

Eight Reasons

     Frances Ridley Havergal, a British hymnist, once made a list for herself of 8 reasons for going to worship, even on rainy days:

     1. God has blessed the Lord’s Day, making no exceptions for stormy days.

     2. I expect my preacher to be there. I’d be surprised if he stayed at home for the weather.

     3. I might lose out on the prayers and the sermon that would have done me great good.

     4. For any important business, rain doesn’t keep me home; and church attendance is, in God’s sight, very important.

     5. Bad weather reveals on what foundation my faith is built; it will prove how much I love Christ. True love rarely fails to keep an appointment.

     6. Those who stay at home from church because it’s rainy frequently miss on fair Sundays, too. I must not take a step in that direction.

     7. The Bible contains a special promise that where two or three meet together in Christ’s name, He will be in the midst of them.

     8. I don’t know how many more Sundays God may give me, and it would be poor preparation for my first Sunday in Heaven to have slighted my last Sunday on Earth.

--Preacher’s Sourcebook of Creative

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