Driving Home

Driving Home

Corey Sawyers

As a Daddy, it's a job that is mine,

I think of it often between the lines.

It is my unique duty, when home bound,

To get my family home, both safe and sound.

So I protect them from dangers and threats,

Keep up with conditions: snow, dry, or wet.

I keep driving on while they sleep and rest,

I study the map for the route that is best.

Across many rivers both wide and deep,

Thought the Ozarks climbing hills that are steep,

Across the open spaces of the plains,

Through the barren fields of harvested grain.

Until we ascend the mountain, what a thrill,

We reach the city set into the hill.

My family didn't from the proper course roam,

Daddy's Duty: I led my family home.


As a Daddy, a greater job is mine,

It is declared in many Bible lines.

It is my unique duty, when Heav'n bound,

Get my family Home; spiritually safe and sound.

I protect their souls from dangers and threats,

Ensure Godliness in our home is kept.

I teach the family of Heavenly rest,

We study God's word, the map that is best.

I lead o'er rivers of worldliness deep,

Over the temptation mountains so steep,

Across paralyzing, complacent plains,

Through fields of worries as numerous as grain.

Until we ascend the Mountain, what a thrill,

When we all reach the City on a Hill.

My family shan't from the proper Course roam,

Daddy's Duty: to lead my family Home.


"Husbands, love your wives and do not be embittered against them.... Fathers, do not exasperate your children, so that they will not lose heart." (Col. 3:19, 21)