The Happy Husband

The Happy Husband

Denny Petrillo

     Yes, there is such a thing. With so much immorality in our world today, one might conclude that there are no happy husbands. Yet those unhappy husbands are frequently unhappy because they have chosen to be unhappy. So, who is the happy husband?

"Let your fountain be blessed,

and rejoice in the wife of your youth"

(Proverbs 5:18)

     The happy husband develops his relationship with his wife. He doesn't spend time with those who will negatively influence his feelings for his wife (5:8). She is his partner, companion and life-long partner. As a result, she deserves his time and devotion.

     The happy husband has been wise in his finances. He has protected his income, reserving it for his family. It is not going to allow his "hard-earned good to go to the house of an alien" (5:10). Solomon is talking about spending money on a prostitute, yet the principle can be more widely applied. Mismanagement of family finances have led to many unhappy husbands.

     The happy husband continues to learn how to improve. Far too many men have recognized that they did not truly invest in their marriages. There were many learning opportunities out there that would have helped them. Yet for selfish reasons, they did not take advantage of those opportunities. They will say "How I hated instruction...And I have not listened to the voice of my teachers, nor inclined my ear to my instructors!" (5:12-13). Most young men enter into marriage basically clueless. They need to learn about marriage, and how to be good husbands. If they do, they'll be happy husbands.

     The happy husband is content with his wife. Remember: contentment is a choice! He is not looking elsewhere, but has learned to enjoy all that his wife has to offer (5:15). Thus, he chooses to "drink water" from his "own cistern" (his wife). Solomon asks "For why should you, my son, be exhilarated with an adulteress, and embrace the bosom of a foreigner?" (5:20). Truth is, he shouldn't! He should find contentment with his own wife.

     The happy husband is faithful to his wife. He is not going to go near the adulteress (5:8), and is going to give himself only to his wife (5:17). He is determined to maintain the sexual purity in his marriage.

     No one is suggesting this is the easy course. Satan is determined to destroy marriages, and determined to create many unhappy husbands. Yet the happy husband is happy because he has committed himself to being the man God wants him to be. It is work. It requires effort. But it is certainly worth it!