Which Came First?

Which Came First?


A young skeptic said to an elderly lady, “I once believed in God, but since studying science, I am convinced God is but an empty word”.

The lady replied, “Well, I have not studied science, but since you have, maybe you can tell me from whence came this egg”.

“Why, of course, from the hen,” as the reply.

“And where did then hen come from?”

“Why, the egg.”

“And perhaps,” said the lady, “you can tell me, which existed first.”

“The hen, of course,” rejoined the young man.

“You mean the hen existed without having come from an egg?”

“Oh, no,” said the young man, “I should have said the egg was first.”

“Then you mean that an egg exited without having come from a hen?”

The young man exclaimed, “You have me all mixed up.”

She drove home her point. “Young man, since you cannot explain the existence of even a hen or an egg without God, you cannot expect me to believe you can explain the existence of the whole world without Him.”

--Greatest Questions in the New Testament

--By Leroy Brownlow