What Keeps People from Salvation

What Keeps People from Salvation


Ignorance: They have not learned how to be saved

Fear: They know the potential cost of being saved

Pride: They do not want to admit they are not saved

Loyalty: They fear that they will be condemning those for whom they care, if they are saved

Comfort: They do not want to do what it takes to be saved

Emotion: They feel they are saved

Guilt: They do not believe they can be saved

Prejudice: They cannot see the necessity of following what certain scriptures say they must do to be saved

Sin: They enjoy something(s) too much to surrender in order to be saved

Self: They want to follow their own terms to be saved

Blindness: They cannot see through their religious traditions and doctrines in order to be saved

Responsibilities: They are too busy with life to be saved

     So many more excuses might be given by someone who refuses to do what God says to do in order to be saved, but whatever excuse is given overlooks the fact that God allowed no excuse to keep Him from sending His Son, that Christ allowed no excuse to keep Him from going to the cross, that the Holy Spirit allowed no excuse to keep Him from revealing to us through the Bible how to be saved, that the apostles and early Christians allowed no excuse to keep them from sharing and doing God's will for salvation (even at the cost of their lives), and that so many throughout time have not allowed these same excuses to keep them from obeying the gospel to be saved. Salvation is so important, eternity is so long, the soul is so precious, sin is so destructive, the devil is so ravenous, and the world is so wrong that we must remove every barrier that might stand in our way. If we were to write down our reason for not being saved and keep it until the day of judgment, how valid and reasonable would it sound as we conveyed it to Christ? If we would not want to tell Him then, let us not let it keep us from Him now.  "Behold, now is the acceptable time, behold, now is the day of salvation" (2 Corinthians 6:2b).                                                                                                                                    --Borrowed