Our history

Our history

     Many years ago, approximately 1880, a few families of this community wanted a place to worship. So the following people and others of whom we have no record, planned and built one large building. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Wallace, Dr. and Mrs. Nick Wallace, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Felix Rogers, Me. And Mrs. Dan Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Ezell, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ezell, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Comer, Mr. and Mrs. Jess Lanier, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. George Allen Sr., Mr. and Mrs. George Hudson, Mr. and Mrs. Bud McElyea, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cox, Dr. and Mrs. Paisley Jones, and Mr. and Mrs. Pleas Thompson.

     As they were building the church building they decided on the name “Mt Carmel” of which they had read in the Bible. This building had one long wood-burning heater in the center of the room, with homemade pews and pulpit. There was a huge bell in the belfry which was heard for miles around to call the people to the “Meeting House” when a traveling preacher came through the country. The preachers usually spent the night with the Jim Rogers family who live right down the road.

     The building was also used as a school. There were two front doors, the left one for the women and girls, and the right one for the men and boys. A line was drawn from the middle of the space between the two doors across the schoolyard, and when either boy or girl crossed that line, they were in serious trouble.

     Among the first teachers were Miss Ethel Atkinson, Miss LaFann, Mr. Earl Hodson and his sister Miss Effie Hodson, and Mr. Levi Davis.

     We are now worshipping in the fourth Mt. Carmel building constructed on the same ground as the original building. Dedicated on March 12, 1967, this building is all brick and was modern in every detail. James Bridges preached the sermon at the dedication and observed that, “If we were as strong as the building, we would be mighty good Christians.” We have since added a Fellowship Building that houses our classrooms and a large fellowship area to gather in.

     Preachers who are remembered include; Bros. Tonis Davis, Richard Hollingsworth, Everett Bullington, M.A. Creel, Bro. Wright, Irvin I. Crow, James Bridges, O.D. Morrow, Jerry Johnson, Raymond Bush, Parker French, Derrick Williams, Chris Kemp, and our current preacher Odis Duncan.

     Some men who have served as elders include; Bros. Terry Hudson, Harrison Ezell, J.H. (Hous) Smith, Warren Jenkins, Wesley Reynolds, Roy Lee Sims, and our current elders Richard (Dickie) White, Brad Garner, and Roger Patrick.

     Among the 200 or so that come together each Sunday, are many family members (even 6th generations) of those men who had a dream. A dream, that with God’s help and a willingness to work, came true!