Does it make any difference?

Does it make any difference?


     So many in the religious world today fell it makes no different what you believe and do in your religious life. All you need to do is be honest and sincere. Make no mistake, you do have to be honest and sincere, but does it make any difference to God what we do? Does He care what we believe? The following was penned by Ken Joines:


Why the Difference


Flight Attendant: “You’re on the wrong plane. You wanted to go to Tampa. This one goes to Houston.”

Passenger: “Why should that matter? I thought it went to Tampa.”


Doctor: “Ma’am, I am sorry. Your husband took too many sleeping pills. He is dead.”

Woman: “He can’t be dead. He thought those were vitamins.”


Physician: “Sir, you have a malignant growth in your pancreas. We must remove it.”

Patient: “Don’t be silly. I feel fine.”


Preacher: “According to God’s Word, you are traveling the wrong way and it leads to Hell.”

Too many people: “Don’t be so narrow. My family traveled this same road and if it was good enough for them, it’s fine for me. What difference does it make, as long as I am sincere about what I believe? I’m satisfied.”


     Are you on the wrong road? If so, it does not matter how sincerely you believe it will get you to heaven. The wrong road is the wrong road.