Evangelistic Persuasion

Evangelistic Persuasion

     Since we are nearing the end of our study, “Training the Saved to Teach the Lost,” it is an appropriate time to share with you something Rob Whitacre included in his most recent email.

     “Recently, my family made our annual pilgrimage to the home of Wilma Bates (widow of the late Bobby Bates, author of Back to the Bible). This is one of our more anticipated trips each year. Although we are not going hiking or sight-seeing, we have some of our more joyous memories in her home. Each time we visit, I spend time reading through the notes of Bobby Bates. He has binders of handwritten and typed notes about every aspect of soul winning. Last week I found his notes on persuasion. I want to share part of this treasure with you.”

Is it Wrong to Persuade?

* People use it when applying for jobs.

* Men use it when courting.

* Parents use it when trying to get children to   make good grades.

* Naaman’s servants used it (2 Kings 5:13).

* Peter used it (Acts 2:40).

* Paul used it (2 Corinthians 5:11).

What It Is

* It is being persistent.

* It is continuing to work with a sinner until he understands the full import of the gospel.

* It is helping the sinner to feel about the Lord the way we do.

* It is helping the sinner make a wise decision.

* It is exciting the sinner’s emotions to do what he knows is right.

* It is helping the sinner to understand the urgency of responding.

* It is helping the sinner realize the uncertainty of life on earth.

* It is convincing the sinner that he has a desperate need.

What It Is Not

* It is not manipulation. Manipulation is using unfair or insidious means to accomplish one’s own purpose.

* It is not force or coercion.

* It is not “hard-selling.”

* It is not out-talking the other person.

* It is not convincing someone to get something he does not need.

* It is not badgering.